I want her hole
Remember Hole?

They released that one good record back during the 1990s that Kurt Cobain allegedly wrote most of, and then Courtney Love fell in love with crack and they fell apart.

Well, Hole’s back bitch.

They were supposed to perform as part of the upcoming Soundwave Festival in Australia — the one that features, like, every decent band on Earth.

Not anymore. Hole have dropped off because of Limp Bizkit‘s higher billing.

That’s what Courtney Love tells Spinner.

That’s like Gallagher pulling out of a comedy festival because Carrot Top was going on a few dudes after him. This is so lame, I don’t even know where to start.

Limp Bizkit is simply more relevant, and that’s a sad state of affairs, for sure. But it’s not like Hole are rock and roll royalty. She’s a nutjob with a drug problem, who somehow manages to keep breathing. She’s a miracle of science.

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