RIP Terry Span
While we have been unable to find any reports that verify this information, Gun Shy Assassin is sad to be the first ones to report that Terry Span, the guitarist for Aleister Wild, has passed away.

An email from Ray Span, Terry’s brother, claims Span has passed away. The statement said that his “brother will be missed” and Ray thanked everyone “that has prayed for my brother. I love you Terry. I know that you are already jamming with Randy [Rhodes] — your lifelong dream. My brother will live on in all of us.”

Span had been in a coma ever since getting knocked unconscious by the band’s bassist, Michael Sorden.

The incident which led to the coma happened early Saturday outside Union Station, a Colorado Springs tavern where the band had just finished performing. Sorden got angry at lead singer Ernest Munoz for refusing to help him load equipment and punched the dude in the face.

Span intervened, and was reportedly punched by Sorden.

It is not clear whether Span died from his injuries, or whether more criminal charges would be filed again Sorden, who was facing a possible charge of second degree assault and being held without bond at the El Paso County Jail.

This is fucking tragic. Our thoughts are with the Span family. We can’t imagine the pain you must be dealing with.

We will let Ray takes us out: “FUCK YOU MIKE — ROT IN HELL YOU LITTLE BITCH. I would love to be there when the judge tells you that you are gone for life,” his statement ends.

Again, we can not validate this with other media reports, and we have every reason to believe Ray Span is the brother of Terry Span.

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