Yes -- yes it was
That’s right, folks — because that’s what happens to assbags.

According to police records, Jonny Craig — singer of that super lame-ass band Dance Gavin Dance — was arrested yesterday in California.

He was booked into the Solano County Jail yesterday (October 19) at roughly 4:30 in the morning. Records indicate Craig was charged with several counts of possession of narcotics and drug paraphernalia.

Craig was booked by the Vacaville Police Department, according to prison records easily available online.

Dude was being held on $15,000, but chances are, he was able to post bail between now and then. If not, he’s still in the big house.

This news follows allegations lodged against this buttdart Craig, claiming he ripped people off for nose candy money by selling MacBooks that never materialized.

Craig admitted he was a dick, and was supposed to go to rehab. I guess that worked out well for him.

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