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PlayStation Vita to hit North America in February

The PS Vita is planned to be released in North America and Europe on Feb. 22nd. Some rights reserved by Flickr user jeriaska.

Sony has finally released the date for the PlayStation Vita to drop in North America and Europe as February 22, 2012. The release date for the PS Vita in Japan was given much earlier and set for December 17, 2011, meaning that western countries won’t see it in time for Christmas.

Two models are available: the Wi-Fi only model, which is priced at $249.99, and the 3G model with AT&T as its provider in North America. The 3G model offers internet use much like many smartphones today and requires a provider, in this case the only choice being AT&T; whereas the Wi-Fi, as it name says, is Wi-Fi only like the PlayStation Portable.  No information has been released regarding who will be providers for the 3G model in the various European countries.

Despite being roughly the same size as its predecessor the PlayStation Portable (PSP), the PS Vita has major improvements including dual analog sticks, a common complaint that many users had with the PSP, and also has touchscreen capability and Augmented Reality (AR) expanding the gameplay possibilities of the Vita, which Sony hopes will give developers more opportunities in development. The substantially lower development kit costs mean that Indie developers and smaller studios will also have a chance to develop as well.

See here for more information on the PlayStation Vita’s  specifications.