You’ve gotta love the readers of British metal magazine Metal Hammer. Whenever they are asked to vote on something, they always disappoint.

The readers chose Slipknot’s self-titled 1999 album as the best debut of the past 25 years in a recent poll.

Over 16,000 fans voted in Metal Hammer’s special 25th-anniversary poll. Almost a third of the votes went to Slipknot.

Korn’s self-titled debut got nearly 9 percent of the vote to finish at #2, with Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction a closed third.

Rammstein’s Herzeleid finish at #4 with almost 7 percent of the vote. Pantera’s Cowboys from Hell — not Pantera’s first album — made the list at #5, getting 6.2 percent of the vote, while System of a Down’s self-titled debut was in the sixth place spot garnering almost 5 percent of the vote.

Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory came in at #7, followed at #8 by Machine Head’s Burn My Eyes, Bullet For My Valetine’s The Poison and Rage Against The Machine’s self-titled debut rounds things out at #10.

This list is pure shit. What albums would you have voted for? I know that at least half of these wouldn’t have made my list. Scratch that, maybe two of these would make my list. Maybe Rage and Guns N’ Roses would make my list. Maybe.

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