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At The Gates Drummer To Kerry King: “Up Yours”


Damn son!
Swedish drummer Adrian Erlandsson (known for his work with At the Gates, Paradise Lost and Cradle of Filth) posted that picture — to the left — online, with the following caption.

”Up yours, Mr. King, soft hitters don’t bend bass drum beaters!,” he wrote.

The message, according to Blabbermouth, is a response to a 2002 interview Slayer’s Kerry King gave to Sweden’s Close-Up Magazine.

Kerry was asked if they had ever thought of auditioning Scandinavian drummers during their whole search for a new kitman way back when.

“I haven’t seen a lot, but the only thing I’ve seen is a lot of soft hitters,” King said. “Like the guy in Cradle of Filth, who used to play in The Haunted. He hits like a fag! He hits everything, but he hits like a fag. This is Slayer; people expect more.”

Nice to see that that stupid comment King made almost ten years ago didn’t stick with Erlandsson, and never had any impact on him.