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San Diego Asian Film Festival: A Chat With Mike Ginn

San Diego Asian Film Festival: Mike Ginn (Photo by Jose Bucud)

Love was in the air at the San Diego Asian Film Festival with the screening of Rosanne Liang’s My Wedding and Other Secrets. The film is stripped of cute one-liners and fluff found in mainstream Romance films, as the film contains sincere, tangible characters that have depth.

Mike Ginn, who stars in the film as Vincent Wong, was kind enough to discuss this contemporary story, as well as his passion for acting.

Ginn, who is Chinese, but born and raised in New Zealand, found his passion for acting as a child and pursued it with relentless dedication.

“The first kind of inception of my passion for acting came in the last year of elementary school. I did a skit for another school, and one of the girls just came up to me and said ‘oh man, you’re really good!’ Ever since I could remember, I always wanted to be an actor. I went to drama school for three years. I did like a lot of acting workshops, I just wanted to do it every way I could,” Ginn said.

All the hard work paid off, as Ginn found a gig towards the end of his run in Drama school.

“In my last year of drama school I was lucky enough to be cast as the Gold Power Ranger on Disney’s Power Rangers RPM. That was a blast, it was an awesome learning experience, and it was just fun kicking ass. I got an action figure out of it! I just pursued acting with all my heart. I was lucky enough to be given a few opportunities like being here at the San Diego Asian Film Festival,” Ginn said.

Ginn broke down the interesting plot of the film, and explained how it was actually based on a true story that Director Rosanne Liang went through.

“It’s about a Chinese-New Zealand girl that falls in love with a white guy and it’s about her managing this relationship with very traditional Asian parents who have threatened to disown her if she gets married to this guy,” Ginn explained.

“It’s actually based on a documentary called Banana in a Nutshell that she [Liang] filmed herself with her fiancé at the time, and her parents said that they’d only give their blessing if he learned Mandarin and he had to go learn Mandarin.”

My Wedding and Other Secrets contained many scenes that were recreated straight from Banana in a Nutshell to give it a more authentic feel. The film overall shows the clash of our generation versus that of our parents, especially those in the Asian culture.

My Wedding and Other Secrets

Ginn explained how Emily, the main character in the film, is “trying to manage being a ‘banana’ with very traditional parents and trying to go beyond that and have relationships with people outside her own culture.”

In the film, Ginn plays Vincent Wong, a character that fits the ideal boyfriend outline of Emily’s parents.

“He’s kind of the perfect Chinese boyfriend, in contrast to the nerdy white character, the character of James. My character is the charming, good-looking guy that any kind of Asian parent would want their daughter to bring home,” Ginn explained.

Ginn is a wonderful young acting talent that has gotten to this point in his career through his pure passion for acting, soaking up any knowledge and experience he can to keep evolving as an actor.

He had some words of encouragement for those just starting out in the acting world: “Just pursue it with all your heart, just really go for it. Do as many acting workshops as you can and get involved any way you can.”

Catch My Wedding and Other Secrets on Wednesday October 26 at the San Diego Asian Film Festival.

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