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Borknagar Part Ways With Drummer


Dave Kinkade
Norway’s Borknagar have gone online to let fans know that they have parted ways with drummer David Kinkade.

“This is first and foremost due to the logistical challenges we have been facing having a U.S. drummer in a Norwegian band the last couple of years,” Borknagar’s statement says. “Sometimes reality bites and in order to be a fully operative band, we need a drummer based in Norway.

“The split is of [a] friendly manner and we would like to say thanks for everything David has contributed with in relations to the band and we would also like to wish him the best of luck for his future endeavors,” the statement concludes.

That was a strangely-worded statement, but hey — it gets the job done. They dumped Dave because they hate Americans. Understood.

For his part, Kinkade had the following statement to offer.

“I’ve mutually parted ways with Borknagar. I’m going to be focussing 100-percent on Soulfly now. I want to thank all the fans for being some of the most intense music followers and people I have ever come across. You guys are truly a brand of your own. For your sakes, I hope that Borknagar will deliver because you deserve it. I wish Borknagar all the best in their future endeavors.”