Analysis soon, but first the numbers…

I continue to be surprised by the sudden rise of Herman Cain. Here’s a guy who has said some unbelievably wacky things on the campaign trail, is just as vague and unfocused as Rick Perry, and yet he seems to be bullet proof when it comes to polling.

In some ways it reminds me of Howard Dean’s rise in 2004 when many anti-war Dems sided with him as an alternative to John Kerry. And that’s what’s really going on here. Because even though Cain’s faults are glaringly obvious, the Tea Party favoring Cain almost 2 to 1 over Romney…

That’s right Republicans…welcome to your brave new world. Cain is the Tea Party’s candidate.

Still, is he really a viable candidate? Reports of his non-existent campaign are already casting heavy doubts as to whether or not he can actually get out the vote when the primary season begins. And then there’s Karl Rove, who is trying to single-handedly scuttle Cain’s campaign.

So, my guess…eventually Cain will implode because of something he says or work he’s not doing on the ground in key, early primary states.

But until then we’re going to enjoy the ride.

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