She likes the Deftones
Say what?

That’s right — I’m back, y’all.

Man, Monday was one of those days where I woke up, and, right out of the gate, I was slammed with work.

So, I didn’t get a chance to write for y’all the other day and with no new columns rolling in, we were sort of dormant. Sorry, kids. We’re trying to make up for it today.

First, here’s an interesting story. A number of Michigan area rockers will be gathering in homage of the one and only Deftones December 2.

The show — “Anniversary Of An Uninteresting Event: A Tribute To The Deftones“ — will go down at the Pyramid Scheme Grand Rapids, Michigan, and feature a set from a one-time outfit by the name of 7 Words.

They’ll be playing a covers set of Adrenaline tracks. Rad. I wish I lived anywheres close to there, because then, I’ds goes. Sometimes I like to write in the voice of a Brooklyn grandpa. That’s what that was.

The lineup for 7 Words boasts T.J. Miller and A.J. Barette of Still Remains and Dan Cox of Stockton.

Entertainment Still Remains Members Planning Deftones Covers Show