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Aerosmith Singer Blames Shower Collapse On Food Poisoning


Steven Tyler
So, this week, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler was in Paraguay, and fell inside his hotel room’s shower.

Tyler was rushed to the hospital where he was treated for face injuries. What are face injuries? The dude lost two teeth and cut open an eyebrow and his mouth.

TMZ.com is now reporting that Tyler fell because he was suffering from dehydration caused by a bout of food poisoning.

I don’t buy it. Steven probably has an assistant who brings him water constantly, and when was the last time you fell because you’re stomach was fucked and you were shitting constantly?

I have never lost control of my legs because I was sick. Who takes a shower when they’re puking and shitting because they can’t handle the food? Come on.

Why do I always smell a conspiracy?

Anyways, Steven’s manager called the injuries “minor” and said Tyler has already been released from the hospital.

Aerosmith was forced to miss its show Tuesday night in Asuncion. The gig was moved to tonight.