For once — fans riot somewhere and it’s not because of something Guns N’ Roses did or didn’t do!

When Metallica’s first concert in India was postponed to tomorrow meaning it’ll be happening in less than 12 hours — because of technical difficulties, fans in India went apeshit. The show was supposed to happen in India Friday night, which has already happened, so, now, as I write this, it’s Saturday, yet Friday here. Nutty.

The riots went down in Gurgaon. I know a joke about Gurgaon, but you wouldn’t get it.

According to local press, a surge of people caused the barricades at the venue to collapse, with some fans gaining access to the stage and damaging equipment in the process.

I’m sure Lars Ulrich is now shitting in his pants about this gig.

An estimated 20,000 fans turned up for the gig, many of whom travelled to Delhi from across the country and abroad to see the world’s biggest metal band perform. Yeah — getting across India is NOT easy, dudes. A lot of these people are fucked.

Reports claim there was a stampede starting at 3:30ish, and that caused the venue’s exterior barricades to buckle. Several fans were reported injured. Later, barricades in front of the stage collapsed, and it was announced “serious technical difficulties” forced the show’s postponement.

I am telling you — those barricades went down and Lars and the rest of Metallica were like, “Fuck this.” The venue probably had to get those stage barricades up overnight.

Meanwhile, once the announcement was made, the crush went on a tear. “Several fans gained access to the stage area, setting fire to banners and causing damage to the LED screens, monitors and other equipment,” reads a report from Rolling Stone of India.

I almost guarantee you the show doesn’t happen. Metallica must be scared. That’s gonna be an angry crowd.

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