The Faceless
Michael Keene, guitarist for The Faceless, has seemingly healed from ripping his hand apart a few weeks back after he tripped over a table whilst holding a drinking glass.

How do we know this? Work has resumed on The Faceless’ next album, which should be out early next year.

How hard are you stroking that boner right now?

“Michael Keene‘s hand is healed,” the band reveals. “The new album is almost done! Some big tour announcements for early 2012 coming soon! Thank you for all your continued support of The Faceless. You will not be disappointed.”

In other news, the McRib is back and I ate two of them tonight. Sweet baby Lucifer, do I feel like a fucking sweaty hog right now.

There’s still some remnants of that sweet, tangy BBQ sauce caught in my cuticles. I love the McRib — holy fuck.

I always have, and really, I’ll be eating one a day, likely, until they go away, because I usually avoid McDonald’s. I’m a Wendy’s man, myself.

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