Not seeing a resemblance
Like, who gives a fuck that he’s Charles Manson’s son, right? In fact, it’s not even official. It’s only what this dude Matthew Roberts claims. He says his dad is Charles Manson. I wouldn’t tell people that. It might — will — cause people to prejudge you.

Anyways, his band, New Rising Son, has inked a deal with the French label Deadlight Entertainment.

Roberts — who thinks he bears a strong resemblance to Manson — says his biological mother, Terry, revealed that she had been raped by Manson in a drug-fueled orgy back in 1967. WOW! He’s a rape baby! Fucking A, people. No offense dude, but that’s fucking crazy shit right there.

After his birth, his young mother gave him up for adoption, he says.

“I didn’t want to believe it,” the dude said. “I was frightened and angry. It’s like finding out that Adolf Hitler is your father. I’m a peaceful person — trapped in the face of a monster,” Roberts once said to reporters.

Roberts says he has confirmed his mother’s story through letters with Manson.

“He sends me weird stuff and always signs it with his swastika. At first I was stunned and depressed. I wasn’t able to speak for a day. I remember not being able to eat.”

New Rising Son’s album Honey drops in January.

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