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Community Recap: Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps

“Drinks from a stranger, so medical!” Happy Halloween Community fans! For your enjoyment, we get a funny Halloween episode of Community this week. We aren’t bogged down in anything too relationship-y, and they’re doing what they do best: silliness. There is very little Chang in this episode, for which I take issue, but overall, I’d say it’s the third best episode so far this season. 

We start with the study group having a pre-party. Britta is concerned by the fact that the results of a psych test that she had the group fill out the previous week came back with the result that one of them is potentially homicidal. (This would surprise someone?) Britta’s solution to ferreting out who the psycho is, is to have the group tell scary stories.

Each character tells their version of a scary story, which means everyone is speaking in the voice of one specific character for each story. This turns out to be pretty fun, and funny. Britta’s story is very slapdash, Abed’s story is very logical. In Annie’s story she’s a werewolf and Jeff is a vampire. It’s crazy, and then, very gory. As per usual, Annie’s commitment level is pretty high. After the dramatization is over, we return to Annie back in the library. Describing the end of her story, she says, “…aerosol mist of blood…flossed her teeth with his ligaments…” The group is pretty grossed out.

Troy’s story is reminiscent of The Human Centipede, Pierce’s is a purely egotistical sexist and racist fantasy, Shirley’s is a post-rapture Christian end times-type scenario. The whole episode is chock-full of laughs, and there is very little sitcom moralizing. It’s good. Not great, but good. Still hoping for better things from this season. Time will tell.