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Sons Of Azrael Guitarist Shot, Paralyzed


Tony Lorenzo
This blows on so many levels, I can’t even fully comprehend it.

I feel so bad for this dude, I wish I could do something to help.

Tony Lorenzo, guitarist and founding member of Buffalo death metal band Sons Of Azrael, was shot by an armed robber this week while walking in Buffalo’s Elmwood Village.

This is so sad, folks.

The 25 year-old musician is currently paralyzed from the waist down, with a bullet lodged within his spine, according to reports.

Alex Artemas, Lorenzo’s friend, told WIVB in Buffalo that “[Lorenzo] and I were just walking to a friend’s house, and it was just a complete random hit, came from behind, never saw it coming.”

According to Lorenzo, “The kid asked me, he said, ‘Give me what you got.’ And before I could even get my wallet out, he just shot me.”

A PayPal account ( has been set up to accept donations for Lorenzo.

Fuck this is horrible. I am so sorry for this dude, and I hope the triggerman is caught, prosecuted, sentenced to prison, and then buttraped over and over and over again until his sphincter ruptures, and he dies from internal bleeding.