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All Else Failed To Play Shows With A Life Once Lost


A Life Once Lost

ThePRP posted the dates that follow after the jump, even though I was promised a head’s up on these dates from a member of one of the bands on the bill.

Yes, people — All Else Failed, A Life Once Lost and Backwoods Payback will be teaming up for a host of East Coast dates. In fact, ThePRP didn’t get one of the dates. They only knew of three, but I know of a fourth.

I am sure that soon, we will have the fourth date, which will be in Brooklyn. That’s right — Brooklyn.

I wish this tour could go further. Say to Boston and Rhode Island. Maybe even Connecticut. People need to see All Else Failed. And people also need to see A Life Once Lost.

I don’t know much about Backwoods Payback, but if the All Else Failed dudes are down with ‘em, I will be down with them, I’m sure.

By the way, I’m hoping soon we will get more installments of A Life Once Lost frontman Robert Meadows’ column soon, as well as All Else Failed’s Patrick Shannon’s column. You would’ve thought these dudes would’ve asked me to sponsor this thing.

All Else Failed/ A Life Once Lost dates:
1/6: West Chester, PA @ The Note

1/7: New York City, NY @ ABC No Rio

1/8: Newark, DE @ Mojo Main