'Knock, knock knockin' on the bathroom door...hey, hey, hey, hey yeah'
So, this is kinda gross…and clearly part of a ploy that will eventually lead to the cancellation of all of Guns N’ Roses’ upcoming U.S. gigs — I am assuming.

Yes, I am assuming. Because if history tell’s us anything, at the smallest sign of illness or malaise, Axl Rose pulls the motherfuckin’ plug, bitch.

An insider from the Guns N’ Roses management team has informed Blabbermouth that Axl Rose has been battling bronchitis and “the so-called Montezuma’s Revenge” for the past couple of weeks.

Just say it. Axl has been shitting quite a bit, which leads to dehydration and exhaustion…shows to be cancelled soon.

“Despite this, he continues to play three-hour shows with the group, which is scheduled to perform at the Bi-Lo Center Arena in Greenville, South Carolina tonight (Monday, October 31),” Blabbermouth says.

We shall see. Metallica was supposed to play India the other night, too.

I’m sure all of the shows will happen as planned, but then again, as I write this, it isn’t even 8 p.m. Maybe the show won’t happen.

“Sorry, folks…turn around, and go home — Axl’s got the shits.”

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