Tony and Ozzy
Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi tells my pal Dave Basner over at VHI Radio Network’s that he’s always writing, and he’s ready to go if Black Sabbath do reunite for a new record.

“I’m writing all the time,” Iommi said. “I’ve got a lot of stuff. I’ve got a studio at home. I just go in and play for a bit, put something down. My engineer is good; he’ll program up drums and whatever else. So I’ve got plenty of ideas for whatever thing I want to use them as, but usually I end up writing for that particular thing. I might have an idea for whoever it might be, whatever lineup or whatever I’m going to do, I might start off with that, but that thing might not end up like that. I’ll change the riff as we go along, depending on the vocal.”

When asked specifically about Ozzy Osbourne’s recent revelation that the band were back together for rehearsals and whether he could “physically” participate in a reunion, Iommi told Dave, “Who knows? I mean, somebody might keel over. It might be me. But we’ll see. At least we’re talking, everybody.”

I say Black Sabbath reunion is a go for 2012. They’ll wait until after the holidays to rush a record together for next summer, and then revive Ozzfest as the headliners.

Mark my words, pillow fucker.

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