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Xibalba Sign With Southern Lord


I'd Xibalba her
That’s right.

There’s a rule in life I follow that I find to be generally true: If it’s signed to Southern Lord, it’s gotta be good.

Pomona, California, hardcore outfit Xibalba have officially signed with Southern Lord Recordings, the label has confirmed.

The band signed a three-album deal, which is something that usually isn’t publicized by labels. Interesting.

Southern Lord claims the band draws comparisons “to Disembodied, Bloodlet, Earth Crisis and the heaviest of the late ‘90s/early 2000s hardcore scene as well as kings of low-end, groove-laden death metal like Obituary and Sepultura.”

The band’s next record will be out in the early months of 2012.

The album will be called Hasta La Muerte, and I will definitely be checking this shit out. Mention Disembodied, and add the Southern Lord connection, and dude — I am there.