This is awesome. After getting dropped by their previous label, Marduk have partnered with Century Media Records.

The black metal legends’ own Blooddawn Productions will now be a part of the Century Media roster, essentially. I’m not sure how you word that. Basically, Marduk’s label — which releases Marduk’s albums, obviously — is now part of Century Media, like Virgin is part of EMI, for example.

“It’s with great pleasure that I can announce the cooperation between Marduk and Century Media as we enter into a long-term deal,” says Morgan Håkansson, the owner of Blooddawn Productions, Marduk’s founding guitarist and bassist for Death Wolf.

“After over 20 years as a band and the last 10 years on Regain Records, we decided to march on. We have received an enormous amount of offers. But in the end, we see Century Media as the best partner and best platform for us to operate from,” Marduk said. I betcha Metal Blade and Relapse were part of that bidding war.

“Century Media has a strong foundation and the vision that we have been looking for. So from this November day, Marduk as well as my label Blooddawn Productions, including the band Death Wolf, are in league with Century Media.”

Hail Marduk! I am excited for them, and Century Media, and mostly, for me, because I loves me some Marduk, and I am always down for a new album from those dudes.

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