Manson's chick
According to reports, shlock rocker marilyn Manson was in Las Vegas — a city I can not stand — and allegedly went “nuts” after a night of Halloween night revelry.

The New York Post claims the 42-year-old was ready to hit a karaoke bar at 4 a.m, but none of them were open. Right there, this story’s bullshit — nothing closes in Vegas…ever.

So Manson, his friends and this model broad his boning — Lindsay Usich — headed to the bar Born and Raised, where Manson was allegedly spotted throwing back shots, shotgunning beers and belting out Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” not once, not twice, not even thrice — but six fucking times. Where’s your gothic god now, buttholes?

Things turned shitty, the Post reports, when the bar’s sound system started crackling and Manson, in typical fashion, threw a bitch fit. Manson grew even more irate when there was no car waiting for him outside the bar.

Because he’s a douchebag rock star who thinks he can do anything, Manson allegedly took things into his own hands by reportedly jumping into the driver’s seat of an idling limo, whose driver was making a phone call nearby.

Manson picked the wrong driver to fuck with, because the driver grabbed Manson and dragged him out of the fucking car. He should’ve beat his ass. I have a feeling Manson’s just one good ass-whooping away from being grounded again.

The paper claims Manson later pulled out what appeared to be a knife and “playfully waved it” at his friends until his own car arrived. Before he took off he yelled, “I am sorry I went nuts, but I’m a rock star!”

What a fucking tool! When was the last time this dude was a bona fide rock star? I’ll tell you when — not since, like, 2002. He’s a fucking relic of a time gone by…a time of innocence, when people bought into shit that totally sucked.

I bought — paid fucking money for — that first Marilyn Manson album; this, after catching them at Roseland where they opened for Nine Inch Nails. I listened to it once, and gave it to some kid I didn’t like. I gave later albums a try, and never bought into Manson. Fucking false motherfucker.

A rep for the musician said he was at an art show in Mexico at the time, however staff at the Las Vegas bar confirmed to the Post he was there.

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