This is, like, so romantic it’s going to make me fucking weep. Sniffle.

This is always how I imagined asking my girl…at an Exhumed show, in front of a bunch of my sweaty metal brethren, with the blessing of the very band I was there to see. And with lots of fake gore.

Actually, Ron Blackwell takes it one step further. Because his lady friend Cayley loves death metal AND horror flicks, the dude came up with some elaborate plan to stab himself and pull the ring from the fake wound.

This happened at Exhumed’s November 2 concert at the Montage Musical Hall in Rochester, New York; Blackwell sings in a band called Nokturnal Hellstorm and spoke with Exhumed about the proposal before taking the stage.

You can find video of the proposal after the jump. How romantic, right? If I were in the audience, I would have screamed, “SAY NO! SAY NO!,” because to be quite frank, asking your girl to marry you in front of an audience, and putting her on the spot like that, is fucked up.

Entertainment Couple Are Engaged At Exhumed Show