Kristen Bell fucking hates Nonpoint
Days after announcing they’d signed a new deal with Razor & Tie, Florida’s Nonpoint have lost their guitarist and bassist. And I don’t give a fuck.

Guitarist Zach Broderick and founding bassist Ken MacMillan are gone.

Replacement members have yet to be announced, but that information should be forthcoming posthaste.

Ken and Zach are currently involved in a new project that will be revealed soon, according to sources.

Nonpoint are already said to be writing new shit for their next shitty album. Emphasis on the shit and shitty.

Man, they haven’t even offered an explanation for why these two dudes bailed or were let go, and I hate that.

No statement from the ex-patriots. What the fuck? I want answers.

Seriously, I really don’t care about Nonpoint.

It’s laughable that anyone would at this point. This non point.

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