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Tomahawk Working On New Album


If you ask me, Mike Patton can do no wrong.

I happen to think everything the dude has a hand in rules. I even like Tomahawk, which I think is perhaps the one band hardcore Patton fans could do without. Am I wrong? At least that’s the sense I get. I love Tomahawk, so, you couldn’t ask me that question.

Anyways, Tomahawk are apparently back at work, after how long? It’s been at least five if not eight years now, right? My internet is down, so I can’t look just now.

“New Tomahawk page!! Which means a NEW record is coming soon!,” reads a posting on the band’s Facebook page.

You know, it could be bullshit. I’m hoping not. I’d love to get some new Tomahawk next year.

But I’d rather get new Lovage. And that second album’s been in the works at least two years now, so…what the hay?

I’m tired as fuck. I slept 10 hours last night, at least, and I’m still tired. Fucking daylight savings.