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Gojira Sign With Roadrunner Records?



Lambgoat — citing a Facebook status from the New York studio where Gojira are recording their new album — claims that Roadrunner Records has signed Gojira.

Wow, man. That’s a major score for Roadrunner if this is true. It’s a good signing. Gojira’s a great band. I hope this doesn’t have a negative impact whatsoever on Gojira.

Josh Wilbur — who just finished helping Lamb of God track their new one, Resolution — will helm the new Gojira.

“Nov. 2011; Studio A: Gojira tracking with Josh Wilbur (co-producer/engineer) for upcoming Roadrunner release,” says the Tweet.

Someone at Roadrunner’s gotta be pissed.

The studio basically stole the label’s thunder. Crazy.

Boy, I hope the new Gojira record deals with whales, in some way.