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Bring Me The Horizon Guitarist Gets In Fight


Bring Me The Thorazine
People just love picking fights with Bring Me The Horizon. I know how they feel.

Bring Me The Horizon’s guitarist Jona Weinhofen claims he got into an altercation with a member of the audience during the band’s November 6 concert in Helsinki, Finland.

Finnish media reports claim someone from the crowd was heckling the band as they performed at club Circus as the main support act for Machine Head.

At some point, the Australian guitarist lost his temper and jumped into the audience to beat the heckler’s ass.

Weinhofen was followed by singer Oliver “Oli” Sykes, who reportedly used his microphone as a hammer, and beat dude’s head in.

Club security intervened within seconds, and was able to calm down the situation; the band continued its performance, but the set was cut prematurely after someone pulled the plug from the stage.

Jona then went to see a local doctor at Meilahti hospital and had a cast put on his hand. He later tweeted a photo of his injury with the caption, “Broke my hand…bummed!”

Dude — skulls are hard. If you start pounding someone in the face, your hand is going to take the brunt of it. Dumbass.

And by the way, if you are in a fucking band, learn to take a little heckling now and again. Unless the guy was calling your sister a whore, I’m not sure why Jona wouldn’t just laugh it off and make fun of the dude.