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Comic Book Review: Tales Designed to Thrizzle #7

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Michael Kupperman‘s Tales Designed to Thrizzle #7 has many more laughs than it does pages. It’s jokes that build on jokes that lead to more jokes through left turns, fakes, surprises, and nerdy pop culture references. 

This book is not your typical capes-and-tights fare. (Not that there’s anything wrong with capes and tights. Ease off your keyboards. Superheroes are cool.) This is a goofy book of inside jokes and the comic book equivalent of one-liners. One premise leads to the next, like one of the better episodes of Monty Python or Mr Show. There are different mini-comics within the book, sub-stories and sub jokes, a whole page of shower head puns – this book is funny enough to make you crack up on a crowded bus.

From the Fantagraphics website:

In this issue Quincy, M.E. makes his comic book debut, struggling through the fantastic landscapes of his own dreams in “Quinception,” in which St. Peter also gets his own comic book. Snake ‘n’ Bacon make an appearance in “Reservoir Dogs 2,” where the gang reunites for another caper. Twain and Einstein deal with some family issues, and a special section of History Comics presents the story of the Kennedy/Nixon debate and the incredible saga of Bertrand DeCoupeur, alias The Scythe! Plus a photocomic starring comedian Julie Klausner, “Voyage To Narnia.”

If ever there was a book worth buying it’s this one. Go to your local shop and buy it. For me, the best part was the truly dark interstitial piece about a certain crime-fighting dog we all grew up trusting. You can’t unlearn revelations like these.

So when you’re picking up your next floppies of the DC reboot, or getting the next Walking Dead or Sweet Tooth, or RASL, be sure to grab a copy of Tales Designed to Trizzle #7. There is also a hardcover available, collecting the first few issues. This is gut-busting stuff.