Devin Townsend
And it’s got a ton of sweet tracks. And by ton, I mean a dozen. Two of those songs were written by my hero and boyhood crush, Devin Townsend.

Who else is on the sampler? Who cares? It’s free, you cheap bastard. Go get it. If it sucks, erase it later.

I kid. There are a lot of reasons you will want this free — yes, free — sampler. Pain of Salvation have a track on it, as dp the Safety Fire, Beardfish, and The Tangent.

As if that didn’t rule a million times over, there’s a cut on there from Steve Hackett, as well as songs by Karmakanic, Redemption, and the oh so jolly Jolly.

There are also tracks from Leprous and Above Symmetry on the sampler.

Just go get it…here. And no, there’s nothing in it for me if you download it. I’m just trying to hook you up.

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