I could make a masturbation joke here, but hell — we all know Lemmy hasn’t had to handle his own meat since 1972. That was the last time Lemmy “dropped his seed” without the assistance of a woman in her early 20s. Trust me.

However, Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister has suffered an injury to his left hand, and was not able to play last night in Bristol, England.

No word on how Lemmy hurt his hand, but you know it was probably rockin’ out. Or fingerbangin’ some broad in her bunghole. Lemmy’s a perv, people. I betcha he gets freaky on all kinds of different levels.
“Due to injury, Motorhead have cancelled their Colston Hall show tonight. Watch this space for returns/new date info,” reads a Tweet from the band.

“We are working with Live Nation to try to reschedule…We’ll let you know when we know what will happen re: rescheduling/refunds.”

He hurt his hand from juggling too many babes. Lemmy needs to slow down, folks. The rest of us dudes need women too, Lem.

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