So is McCain rediscovering his centrist roots after he ran to the right to secure the GOP’s nomination? Maybe he has regrets about unleashing the embarrassment that is Sarah Palin on to the world?

Whatever the reason…glad to see him come back towards the middle.

From Reuters:

The Republican Party’s presidential nominee in 2008 raised the possibility of a third party about a year ago, but his comments on Tuesday suggest he has hardened his views as polls show Americans increasingly disillusioned with Washington politics.

The 75-year-old McCain may now be the most prominent politician forecasting Americans will look to another party to compete with Democrats and Republicans.

“Unless both parties change, then I think that it’s an inevitability. We aren’t doing anything for the people,” McCain said in blunt remarks at the Reuters Washington Summit.

Americans, he said, are frustrated by sluggish economic growth that has depleted their incomes while corporate executives take in massive salary bonuses.

Asked if the new option would be a centrist party, or a wing of the left or right, McCain quipped; “I think a Fed-Up Party.”

We also get to hear McCain’s opinion of the Tea Party…

“The Tea Party was a movement, not an organization, as we know. And so they’ve kind of receded. There was never any permanency to them,” he said.

Yeah, because the Koch brothers don’t have unlimited funds and can’t hide who’s actually funding this “movement” indefinitely. Otherwise they would have some permanence.

More as it develops…

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