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I'd like to storm her coliseum
Happy Friday, folks. Man, am I glad this week is over. Tonight, I get to see Steven Wilson live, which is awesome. This weekend, I get to see the girl and perhaps even The Goat. We’ve got a new column coming to you from Zeena Koda, and the sun is out — a good start to the weekend.

Today, I’ll start off with some news about Coliseum. I have neglected to bring you the news that the hardcore punk band’s got a new EP in stores right now called Parasites…but they do.

It’s an eight song follow-up and companion piece to the band’s critically acclaimed third album, House With A Curse.

Most of the disc was produced and recorded by J. Robbins at Washington, DC’s Inner Ear Studios, where classics from Bad Brains, Fugazi, Lungfish, Rites of Spring and countless others have been recorded.

You can check out a track from that effort below:

“Waiting Too Late” by Coliseum.

Now march out there into that bright, disgusting world of ours and have a great fucking day, people.

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