Kate Upton thinks JD is a dillhole
If I were a Korn fan — and I’m not — I’d be pissed by what frontman Jonathan Davis told England’s Kerrang! magazine.

Davis said that he expects Korn’s fans to be mad pissed about their new album, The Path Of Totality, which was also the name of an awesome Tombs record, released earlier this year. Fucking copycats.

The new album features songs produced by dubstep douches and DJs. Dubstep is maybe the worst musical genre since yodeling.

”People are going to be pissed about this record,” Davis told the mag. “That’s made me even more excited about it. I don’t give a flying fuck what people think. We can’t win with Korn fans. Some are so stuck in 1994.”

Wow, man. Way to bash your fucking fans. I betcha when this album comes out, you stupid Korn fans will still throw your money at this idiot.

“Everybody calls us the godfathers of nu-metal and I’m fucking tired of that,” says Davis. “We don’t want to join the nostalgia circuit. Us, Limp Bizkit, Staind or some shit like that. Fuck that.”

Davis recently told MTV Hive he thinks the combination of heavy rock and dubstep is the “future of metal.” Fucking asshole.

Fuck you, JD. Seriously. Who knew someone with such a fucked up background could be such a fucking crass prick. This guy’s such a waste of life.

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