That’s right, dudes and dudettes.

You may already know this, because I kept forgetting to bring this news to you folks last week, BUT, heavy music innovators Prong have signed a worldwide recording contact.

Whom with? Long Branch Records/SPV, that’s who. The band’s as-yet-untitled new album is due in stores this spring.

Prong formed in 1986, and were pioneers of the American post-hardcore and post-metal scenes whose influence is still being felt today.

Said frontman Tommy Victor of the signing: “I feel like Prong has come full circle. We have the same energy and excitement about our music that we did at the beginning of our career. With Long Branch/SPV, we’ve found people to work with who are very supportive of us and what Prong has accomplished so far in our career.”

Added SPV A&R representative Maria Ouellette: “We’re extremely excited to welcome PRONG into the SPV/Long Branch Records fold! Tommy Victor’s musical innovation and influence is far-reaching and inspirational, and exactly what we’re about. We’re proud that we can be part of their next musical milestone!”

Interjected Gun Shy Assassin’s Chris Harris: “Just get us the record already. Enough jibber jabber, fool.”

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