She blames Axl too
I smell beef. spoke recently with Kiss bassist, vocalist, and resident vag muncher Gene Simmons and for some reason, he wanted to talk about Axl Rose.

Simmons was asked what advice he would offer the members of Guns N’ Roses, so they, too, could stay at the top of their game.

“You get to sleep in the bed you make,” says Gene. “It’s simple. If you’re lucky enough to be accepted on stage by the audience, if you’re lucky enough to be able to write a song, if you’re lucky enough to have charisma on stage, that’s the beginning. And then you’ve got to be able to deliver night after night after night. And not everybody is designed to run a marathon. Because to be a rock star for decades means you’re running a marathon.

“Guns N’ Roses could have been the best band in the world, and the reason they’re not is because of Axl Rose,” he says. “I mean, the drugs, the heroin, the alcohol and all that. But ultimately, it falls on Axl’s shoulders.”

Gene says Axl could’ve used “a good beating,” adding, “when you misbehaved as a little kid and continued to do it, there was somebody there to give you a what for. Then when you become a grown-up, who’s there to set you straight?”

I think pretty much everyone needs a good beating. But who the fuck is Gene Simmons to judge anyone? Not exactly the best decision maker, that dude.

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