She likes extensions
Man, women drive me crazy. I just do not understand them. The games they play, the mixed signals they send, the overanalyzing of every little fucking thing — that doomsday mentality that seems to pervade.

That has nothing to do with Steven Tyler, but I’m venting. Steven — the lead singer of Aerosmith and a judge on “American Idol” — will be judging something else on November 30…a hair extensions contest.

I bet there will be a ton of chicks there. Crazy little things that they are. I think I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that I’ll be flying solo for the rest of my life. No kids, no wife…just me and my pets. Fucking chicks, man.

Tyler will judge the second annual Great Lengths USA Challenge, a contest where certified Great Lengths hair extensions stylists can enter and show off their stylist skills for a chance to win the $10,000 cash grand prize.

“Steven has probably had more celebrity influence over hair in recent years than anyone since Jennifer Aniston,” says a guy named Brett Butcher, who works for Great Lengths; this is because Steven wears feathers in his hair, and now, so does every chick.

“Steven understands the importance of hair and how it relates to image,” says Butcher. “He has access to the very best of everything, and we are honored that he chooses Great Lengths.”

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