Stupid dope!

Maldives-based death metal outfit Nothnegal have, as you know, titled their forthcoming LP Decadence. That there is the fucking artwork for it.

Nice right?

The band’s full-length debut is due throughout much of the globe on January 20, 2012; it drops January 24 in the U.S., through Season Of Mist. The CD was mixed by Greg Reely (Fear Factory, Devin Townsend) and Ahti Kortelainen (Sentenced).

Decadence is Nothnegal’s first official studio release and the first release featuring the current lineup, with Fufu handling both the guitar and vocal duties, Marco on keyboards and Kevin on drums,” says guitarist Hilarl. Cool name.

The disc will boast eight tracks, including “Salvation, “Claymore,” “Janus,” “Decadence,” “Armageddon,” “R.A.D.A.R.,” “Sins Of Our Creations,” and “Singularity.”

You know what would be awesome? A thanks for all the love in the liner notes of the album.
If it isn’t too late, that is.

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