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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 2 on DVD




Harry Potter, both books and movies, have been around for over ten years. So of course, at midnight on July 15th, I put on my 3D glasses, relaxed in my IMAX theater seat, and tuned in to watch the very last piece of my childhood. Last Friday, when I went to buy the DVD, it was a little sad. I knew it was the last Harry Potter movie I would ever buy. Here is why these movies touched so many lives.


Now I’m not going to say too much because I just want everyone to go see it. I will say this: I have seen a lot of movies in my life, a lot, but this was one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. I went in completely fresh because I have not read the book since it was released in 2007. I do not remember the details just the big general events. I did this purposely because, in my opinion, it makes the movie going experience less fun if you are sitting there constantly comparing it to the book. So everything was a surprise to me, which I loved. (However, I did talk to people that have recently read the book and they said it was almost identical.)


The audience is hooked from start to finish; there is not one dull moment, not one slow scene, not even a slightly uninteresting conversation. Everything is paced perfectly, every word chosen specifically, and every moment enjoyable. If you have grown up with these character like I have, then you will never be prouder of them than you are watching this movie. Matthew Lewis plays Neville Longbottom and your heart just swells every single time he is on the screen because you cannot believe this is the little, nervous, jittery boy from the first movie. Every actor brings their A game to this movie and I pray to God this will not be the last time we see some of them.


Not just the young adult actors hit this one out of the park. Ralph Fiennes as the terrible villain we have all grown to hate in print has spent eight movies living up to the role and he did it flawlessly. Michael Gambon as our fallen headmaster still shines as one of the most cryptic but loving characters to ever be in a book or movie. Alan Rickman finally, FINALLY, gets Severus Snape’s story told and although I think he SEVERELY overacted in one of the scenes, it was nice to finally see the real Severus Snape. Maggie Smith plays our favorite Hogwarts professor and in this movie we see just how much she would do for her students, not just Harry, but for every single child in Hogwarts. Like I said, every actor in this movie pushes themselves to the limit and it makes every difference in the world.


The best part of this whole franchise is that this was the final movie, the last part, and we see how all of these characters have grown and evolved but they still maintain their humor and the audience still remembers through small comments that they are still only seventeen and eighteen years old.


So that’s it. That is all I’m going to say. I recommend everyone, EVERYONE, whether you have read the books or not, watch all of the movies, all eight and you will not be disappointed. Because in our world where vampires are no longer scary and authors have begun stealing ideas from each other, J.K. Rowling created something completely original and unique. She created a world where magic is real and the characters in this world become our family. And because of all of the writers and directors and actors that have been a part of these movies over the past ten years, we are able to see her creations come to life and live on forever.


Thanks for my childhood, J.K. Rowling. Without you…well I don’t know what life would have been like without you and your books, and I’m glad I never have to find out.