Portuguese death prog metal masters Disaffected have inked a deal with the German label Massacre Records. I like that band name. I feel Disaffected sometimes. Like right now.

The band’s new album, called Rebirth, was recorded between August and December 2010 at The Pentagon in Lisbon, Portugal, co-helmed by producer Fernando Matias and Disaffected.

Commented Disaffected: “As you can imagine, [we] are simply radiant about the unique opportunity of being featured in a roster alongside artists such as King Diamond, Malevolent Creation, Sinister, Crematory and so many others. A dream comes true!”

Isn’t that nice?

My dream, however, continues. That dream? To have Gun Shy Assassin explode, so I can have sexy time explosions all over Kate Upton’s face.

That’s what this site is ultimately about, folks. Landing Kate Upton. She likes dudes with Rolexes. I NEED A ROLEX!

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