She likes Ligeia
So, remember that Ligeia comeback you were looking forward to? That probably isn’t in the cards anymore, slappy.

The Massachusetts hardcore metal act who just out out a free EP appear to be in dire straits. There is trouble in paradise, fuckers.

Frontman Keith Holuk apparently had a bit too much to drink prior to a gig in Providence, Rhode Island, last week. One fans claims he was “so fucked up by the time [Ligeia] went on he could barely stand up never mind sing anything remotely close to a song.”

According to rumors, the other members of Ligeia were so fucking pissed, they quit the band directly after the show. This has yet to be confirmed, however.

The band has confirmed that the remainder of their tour has been cancelled.

One insider reveals: “Unfortunately, Ligeia has opted to cancel the rest of their tour due to personal problems within the band.”

Ligeia is over. They’re done, folks. That was nice while it lasted. At least we got a free EP out of it.

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