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Oh, Sleeper Experience Another Theft


I'd oh, sleep with her
This blows a big bag of shit-covered cocks.

So, in addition to having a shit name, this band Oh, Sleeper have shit luck.

Oh, Sleeper guitarist Shane Blay just had his guitar stolen at the bands recent Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Last week, the band issued the following statement.

“Hey guys, Shane had his guitar stolen 3 nights ago at our show in Chattanooga,” the dudes said. “It’s an Ernie Ball Musicman John Petrucci sig series. Color is Mystic Dream. It’s serial number is G51159.

“If anyone hears anything please contact us, Shane really could use his guitar back so we can play our songs live. If anyone works at pawn shops or GC around the town, be on lookout for it. Thanks.”

Earlier this month in Jamestown, New York, Oh, Sleeper had their sampler stolen.

Maybe these dudes should just stop touring. I know that would eat into their income, but…might be worth considering.