3 Inches of Blood
Fucking rad!

Bearded dudes the world over are very pleased.

Heavy metal bros 3 Inches of Blood will be entering the studio to begin tracking their fifth full-length album, set for release in 2012.

The band will be working out of Vogville Studios and Profile Studios in Vancouver, Canada, with engineer and producer Terry Sho Murray, who also worked on the band’s last 7-inch.

Guitarist Shane Clark commented: “We’re in pre-production mode here in east van and we’re writing our next blood soaked metal masterpiece!! We are keeping true metal alive, so fuck trends brothers and sisters!! Stay metal!!! You will hear from us very soon!!”

Looking forward to it.

I happen to think 3 Inches of Blood are the bee’s knees. I really do.

If you’re not familiar with these dudes, you should definitely check them out. Epic metal at its finest and filthiest.

Entertainment 3 Inches Of Blood To Record In Early 2012