Nickelback is maybe the worst band fucking ever.

In the storied history of music, can you name one other band that’s annoyed people so universally? Can you identify a more irksome frontman than that smug motherfucker Chad Kroeger?

I am only reporting this as a public service, essentially. There is a new service that blocks Nickelback from your computer, and this is very important to install if you have small, impressionable children.

You don’t want your kids growing up Nickelback fans, do you? I’d rather my kids grew up to be serial killers.

If you want to avoid Nickelback on the Webernets, go here.

AUX Labs has developed a Nickelblock plugin for Firefox and Chrome.

Once installed, Nickelblock will eliminate all mention of the pride of Alberta from your web browser.

I can not promise this program won’t be dangerous for your computer, so proceed with caution.

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