Norma Jean
Not that girl from high school who put out before all the others. She’s married now with five kids…from three fathers. And she still works at the Rite Aid in your hometown. Easier to get yeast infection medication that way. I’m starting to wonder why you thought some whore from high school was going to be recording an album. Strange.

Anyways, Norma Jean — the band people really dug about five years ago — will be hitting the studio in January, following their just-announced “Pizza Riot 2011” trek.

The new set with be the band’s sixth full-length offering, and will be helmed by producer Jeremy Griffith.

I wonder if he’s a relation of Andy Griffith. Let me ponder.

“After making Meridonal, we really didn’t know what we were going to do next,” says frontman Cory Brandan. “It’s hard to imagine that after coming out of so much work and thought being poured into something, but we’re starting to see this new record take shape and all I can say right now is it’s going to be nasty.

“If anything, Meridional ended up inspiring us to continue moving forward and doing what we love to do,” he adds. “We also moved our writing space out of Atlanta this time for a new atmosphere where I live in Arkansas. We isolated ourselves a lot more and spent a lot of time together. We’re really excited and are having a blast.”

So, there’s that.

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