This blows.

Volumes is down a vocalist following an injury sustained by Michael Barr.

Good thing Volumes is like the late Haste — they have two singers, so Barr’s bouncing from Volumes’ current tour doesn’t mean the band will be sidelined.

“If you haven’t heard already, I unfortunately had to return home for the remainder of Thrash And Burn tour due to a severe and hazardous back injury requiring exclusive medical attention,” says Barr in a statement.

“Volumes will still be killing every show for the next 24 days. Please do not be discouraged, I will be back in full force soon. Thank you for all the support and kind comments, get out to the rest of the shows and have fun with my boys.”

We hope that Barr’s able to recover from his back injury soon. But back injuries are tricky. They usually stay with you for a while.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, too. Those outside the U.S., Happy Thursday!

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