Metallica had already revealed that they would be playing their seminal 1991 LP “The Black Album” at the upcoming Download Festivalalso boasting the reunited Black Sabbath.

Now, Metallica have revealed that they’ll be doing that on at least three other occasions — which means this is probably their new schtick.

I betcha they end up playing a handful of “Black Album” shows in the U.S. before 2012 is through. That’s how it started with the Big Four — it started over in Europe, and then ended up happening over here, remember? Same thing with the Faith No More and Carcass reunions, and System of a Down’s regrouping. It always starts in Europe.

After the jump, you can see where else Metallica will be playing their self-titled 1991 record; I saw them on that tour — that’s how old I am.

According to Lars Ulrich, Metallica was going to play “The Black Album” at Download at the behest of the fest’s organizers.

So why do the other three shows? I guess they figured if they were going to practice for Download, they might as well rake in a few more buckaroos doing the same shit in Germany and Austria, bitch!

Look for more dates to be announced soon.

Metallica “Black Album” dates:
6/1: Nürnberg, Germany @ Rock Im Park
6/2: Nürburgring, Germany @ Rock Am Ring
6/9: Donington, England @ Download
6/10: Nickelsdorf, Austria @ Nova Rock

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