She probably likes Black Veil Brides
That is a fucking lofty goal, man. The biggest band…in the whole entire world? No way it could be Black Veil Brides, right?

Actually, knowing the shit taste of most people, I would say its possible. Best band in the world? There’s no fucking way they’d be on the fucking short list of 5,000 bands. And I am talking bands currently in existence, not of all time. Just to be clear.

NME TV spoke with Black Veil Brides vocalist Andrew Biersack — who God wants dead — and he says that the boys want to be bigger than Milli Vanilli ever fucking were…which is saying a lot.

“Every accomplishment we’ve had — and there’s been plenty, especially this year — we take them and we appreciate them, but it’s always, you’ve gotta take it as it’s another step towards the ultimate goal, and for us, we wanna be the biggest band in the world,” declares Biersack.

I give these guys two more years before they’re making TMZ headlines for overdosing and beating up chicks.

“And when I say that, I don’t mean it in a way of someone trying to show you how big their dick is, so to speak, someone who’s trying to tell you about how impressive they are,” says Ballsack; I guess that means he knows his band is not the best…by any stretch.

“We truly believe that with hard work, dedication and perseverance, we can be the best at what we do, and I think anyone believes that; nobody wants to become mediocre,” the singer says.

Hey man — some people have no choice but to strive for mediocre, did you ever think about that? In fact, I thought you were one of ‘em until I saw this interview.

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