Jesse Leach
Jesse Leach — the singer for Times of Grace and The Empire Shall Fall, as well as a member of the Gun Shy Assassin team — is working on solo tracks, which has me extremely pleased.

I have long said Jesse should release some solo material, and according to Jesse’s latest update, things are moving along on that set.

Leach tells fans he has three “songs demoed for my solo record (that will be very different from any group project that I have ever been a part of).” And that’s why I can’t wait — this thing is going to be diverse, and I will sop up every juicy second of it.

The post also mentions the new Empire Shall Fall EP, which I have heard and you should get.

“I surrender, my ‘career’ has never been and will never be money driven,” says Leach. “But man its tough working full time and trying to write music and touring when I can….the struggle continues: new The Empire Shall Fall EP out SOON. Thanks for your support!!!!!!”

You’re welcome, dude. We will always support Jesse. He’s a righteous dude.

If you’d like to see some of his columns for GSA, go here.

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