The Walking Dead 2112 EP cover

The Walking Dead 2112 EP cover
Today is a pretty fucking crazy awesome day here at Gun Shy Assassin, because we are bringing you an exclusive stream of New York City grindcore outfit Brutal Truth’s EP, Walking Corpse 2112.

The EP is available for digital download right now, right here.

Actually, while the EP wasn’t actually available for commercial release until today, longtime fans (and Decibel readers) may recognize the tunes.

Both tracks — a re-recording of “Walking Corpse” and “You Should Know Better” — were made available as part of the Scion AV/Decibel Flexi-Series.

Chances are, these songs are “new” to you because you are like me, and A.) Don’t have a subscription to Decibel, or B.) Don’t illegally download songs on torrent sites.

So enjoy these two fresh studio cuts from the almighty Brutal Truth, and if you love ‘em, go buy the EP and own it.

Brutal Truth are one of the best bands out there and these two tracks are all the proof you need in the world. They fucking rock, which is why we’re so psyched to be streaming them.

And remember, Brutal Truth’s new full-length album, End Time, is in stores now. Also, you should come over to Facebook, join us, and tell us what you think of the tracks.

1. [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Brutal Truth: Walking Corpse 2112″ dl=”0″]

2. [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Brutal Truth: You Should Know Better” dl=”0″]

  • E.

    Another lame example of lazy music journalism. Check your facts baby. Walking Corpse in a fucking classic! And it featured on Brutal Truth’s debut album. This IS however a re-recording but no… Walking Corpse is not new to any Brutal Truth fan…

    • Anonymous

      the re-recording that is now being released is new to people, but the song is obviously a classic. I know that. Thanks for pointing that out tho. That’s why its 2112.

  • Corrie180

    Love these guys right to death, but yet another version of this song is overkill. Pretty effin cool though =). Better than the version on Drug Crazed Grind Freaks

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