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Czar Exclusive Song Stream: “Diapers”

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So, chances are by now you have heard of Czar, the Chicago trio that defies characterization, as their music contains elements of various metal styles. But at the end of the day, I’d have to call ‘em progressive metal. No matter what umbrella they fall under, Czar fucking rips, and we here at Gun Shy Assassin are proud to be bringing you an exclusive taste of what you can expect on the band’s new album, Vertical Mass Grave.

The album will be in stores December 6 through Cracknation. The disc boasts 10 tracks, and was recorded and engineered by Matt Talbott, guitarist and vocalist for Hum.

Czar features members of Acumen Nation and DJ? Acucrack, stalwarts of Chicago’s fabled industrial and electronic scenes. Czar’s precise rhythms and dark ambience point to these roots, but don’t be fooled: the new album’s going to give wood to fans of Mastodon, Helmet, and Failure.

After the jump, go check out a song from the album Vertical Mass Grave called “Diapers.” Start your day off right, because trust me — today’s going to be a long one.

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